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Will this last

Today as i was feeding my 11 month old veggies whilst i was munching on chips i thought i would not feed my child this food for as long as i can avoid it. Since my son James was born i have fed him fruit and vegetables and now meat and dairy also. All of his food is what you would call from the ground, but mine isn’t.. In fact over the years i have become pretty bad with the stuff i put in my mouth.

So from Tuesday my husband and i are going to eat what James eats, or he will eat what we eat i should say but this means that everything i cook and make needs to be “clean food” i will begin planning the menu for this week tomorrow. In the mean time i have to finish the tub of ice cream and block of chocolate i have, my husband says quote ” this will be easy, if you didn’t bring ice cream and chocolate into the house i wouldn’t eat it” hmmm, we will see about that.